The project has Linux-specific features and aimed to be run in Linux ecosystem, however client control utility (cgi-ctl) and server (trusted-cgi) shall work on most platform (Darwin, Linux, Windows).

Requirements for backend


  • I am personally using professional Jetbrains Goland
  • Someone can prefer use free Visual Studio Code with Go plugin
  • Or use Liteide

Quick project setup:

  1. Install Go, setup GOPATH and add GOPATH/bin in your PATH variable (should be described in the link)
  2. Clone project somewhere (not required only under GOAPTH, because the project uses modules): git clone 2.1 Pull LFS files: git lfs pull
  3. Change directory to the cloned folder (cd trusted-cgi) and build it: go get -v ./cmd/...
  4. Test project build: trusted-cgi --help (version should be dev)
  5. Run locally: trusted-cgi --dev

When you decide to change something and check - repeat 3, 4, 5, however in a matured IDE (like Goland) it’s possible to run main.go directly from UI that allows you to attach debugger if needed.

This is example of my runner in Goland (nothing complicated, but change working directory to your folder out of GIT tracking)


Embedding UI

Requirements should be same as for UI sub-repo

make clean
make embed_ui

Regenerating API

In case of API changes, generated files should also be update by following command

make regen