From 0.3.2

Invoke defined action(s) on the remote platform. If no actions provided for the utility, list of all available actions will be printed.

  cgi-ctl [OPTIONS] do [do-OPTIONS] [Actions...]

Help Options:
  -h, --help             Show this help message

[do command options]
      -l, --login=       Login name (default: admin) [$LOGIN]
      -p, --password=    Password (default: admin) [$PASSWORD]
      -P, --ask-pass     Get password from stdin [$ASK_PASS]
      -u, --url=         Trusted-CGI endpoint (default: [$URL]
          --ghost        Disable save credentials to user config dir [$GHOST]
          --independent  Disable read credentials from user config dir [$INDEPENDENT]
      -U, --uid=         Lambda UID [$UID]

[do command arguments]
  Actions:               action names

Example (from the remote instance, lambda e0ed902f-4a9c-4c29-870d-f343f330b6ab, from default python template):

cgi-ctl do --uid e0ed902f-4a9c-4c29-870d-f343f330b6ab --url https://example.com/ -P install

will ask password for admin user and then invoke install action for e0ed902f-4a9c-4c29-870d-f343f330b6ab lambda

For a cloned lambda it is enough to just call do:

cgi-ctl do install