Invoke remote lambda for test.

  cgi-ctl [OPTIONS] invoke [invoke-OPTIONS]

Help Options:
  -h, --help              Show this help message

[invoke command options]
      -U, --uid=          Lambda UID [$UID]
      -i, --input=        input file that will be used as body (- or empty is stdin) (default: -) [$INPUT]
      -o, --output=       output file for response (- or empty is stdout) (default: -) [$OUTPUT]
      -g, --get           use GET method instead of POST (body will be ignored) [$GET]
      -t, --token=        add authorization token [$TOKEN]
      -O, --origin=       add origin header [$ORIGIN]
      -C, --content-type= set content-type header (default: application/json) [$CONTENT_TYPE]
      -H, --header=       custom headers [$HEADER]
      -f, --field=        set JSON field (input will be ignored) [$FIELD]
      -v, --verbose       show logs [$VERBOSE]

Better use in a cloned or created lambda.

Example basic call

echo '{"name": "reddec"}' | cgi-ctl invoke

Example call with params

cgi-ctl invoke -f name:reddec